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Village Newsletter: March 2022

Date: 1st Mar 2022 Author: Ciarán Carr

The Covid outbreak and subsequent restrictions placed on everyone have meant that after the Christmas break some sections had to return to Zoom sessions on the Internet because of a shortage of Leaders but most of us have managed to get close to normal activities, albeit wearing masks.

One of the Scouts first tasks was packing the crisp packets donated since we closed for Christmas. This continues to go well with six bin bags and a wheely bin full compressed into two big boxes. To qualify for payment the boxes have to be within a maximum size and over a minimum weight and really tight packing is needed to achieve this. Thank you to everyone that continues to collect for us and especially to Fressingfield Shop for their help as a local collection point.

We have had a tally up and, since June 2019 have raised £548 towards the first recycled plastic kayak, we reckon that equals 440,000 crisp packets weighing 938 kg! The packets are used to make the hard plastic garden furniture often seen in parks and amenity areas.

Many thanks to everyone that collected little blue tokens at Tesco and voted at Diss, Aldeburgh and Saxmundham branches for our project, we have just been advised that we came second in the vote and will receive £1,000. The grant will be spent on wildlife improvements. Thank you all.

Explorers have been working on their pioneering skills, learning about knots and lashings for tying poles together and using ropes to build structures. Scouts have been completing team challenges and competitions with our massive stock of donated Lego. Tiger Cubs have had to meet on Zoom because of Leader absence and worked on a Science Badge. Several members completed the badge, thanks to parents for finding the right bits and pieces and for clearing up any mess made.

We have recently been allocated places on the Norfolk County Water Activities Weekend which will form part of Norfolk Scouts Jubilee celebrations in early June. As a Group we have not been on the water weekend for several years and our members are looking forward to the experience.

We have produced a video review of the Scout Group in 2021, it is available to view at https://youtu.be/X3jWVK4XgFw please have a look to see what we have been doing.

We have recently received a grant of £375 from Laxfield Parish Council sharing the cost of the construction of the clay backstop wall for our shooting range with Hoxne Parish Council. Thank you, that was really appreciated and has made a noticeable difference to our budget for the project.

To find out more about 1st Fressingfield Scout Group have a look at our website http://www.1stfressingfieldscouts.org.uk or speak to any Leader.

Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls