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Summer 2020 Newsletter

Date: 18th Aug 2020 Author: Ciarán Carr

Dear all,

Well after a summer like no other, where many of us have had cancelled holidays, school’s have been out largely for 6 months and face-coverings are a requirement to go anywhere – let’s all hope for better times ahead. Face to Face scouting hasn’t happened since early March and while as a Scout Group we have risen to the challenge and put on a significant amount of virtual scouting. We hope that you have enjoyed our weekly sessions via zoom, V-Camp, Walk to the Moon, various ‘online’ visits, activities and talks and more – but we can’t wait to meet you all again soon.

Yours in Scouting
Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne
Group Scout Leader

Face-to-Face scouting to resume (in part):

Virtual scouting is all that we have known for months, but we are now able to provide some face-to-face scouting, there are strict rules and a risk assessment and approval system for every meeting and we are moving forward with a ‘blended’ offer over the rest of the summer and into the autumn term. This is where we will continue with virtual meetings and activities but also provide some face-to-face outdoor scouting opportunities.

All activities must be outdoors at the moment – as the C-19 situation hopefully improves, restrictions will relax and we will be able to use inside spaces as well. Our issue with this is until we secure the final piece of funding for our new HQ we will be unlikely to return to scouting (indoors) as the Goodwin Hall, our existing rented building would not be compliant with regard to toilet provision and hand washing facilities. So we URGENTLY need your help to get us over the line as far as fundraising is concerned. With all the restrictions in place our Group fundraising has effectively stopped and that has delayed us. More information on how you can help is later in the newsletter. Thank you

Explorers return to Face-to-Face scouting:

First out of the block and to return to face to face scouting were the Explorers, in searing heat last week seven members of the Unit completed a 20km hike in 5 hours taking us through the beautiful local countryside. It was great to be out and about and the whole Scout Group is looking forward to meeting up in the coming weeks and months.

The Explorers will be meeting up again on the 28th August, for an activity day at the HQ site, for a variety of activities including the lining of the pond in the wildlife area, ready for planting up and colonisation by wildlife over the autumn.

Adventure Scouts and Pioneer Scouts have also face-face events planned in the next few weeks, subject to approval and more detailed will be sent to parents.

Our Yoxford and Peasenhall school sections will be returning to scouting as part of the school timetable when the schools re-open in September.

With our younger sections looking at one or two face-to-face meetings in the autumn term. Again details will be sent directly to parents.

New Headquarters – we need a small favour. Please!

As I am sure you are aware, we are extremely close to securing our New Headquarters. We have just £80,000 to secure before the building can be delivered, installed, and connected to the local infrastructure.

We have recently launched a second CrowdFunder campaign, focusing on the smaller remaining total required. But we need YOUR help!

There are many ways to help – from the small to the large…

  • Share the CrowdFunder images we publish on Facebook and Twitter (and encourage your friends to share as well)
  • Write comments on our CrowdFunder page to show any potential donors we have community support (www.crowdfunder.co.uk/new-hq)
  • Fundraise on our behalf – run / organise an event which links directly to our page (please contact scouts@ciarancarr.co.uk if you are interested)
  • Donate to our page

Support and Resources
For many sections, a fundraising badge is available to be awarded for any young person who supports charitable work. In exceptional circumstances, higher awards can be obtained.
Here are some ideas…

  • Sponsored bike ride (See Elliot’s Example here)
  • Online streamed video game marathon
  • Sponsored camp-at-home
  • Raise money for two charities (half and half)

We desperately need our message to be heard far and wide. Our New Headquarters will benefit all our young people for many years to come and we are now closer than ever to making this a reality.

Thank you in advance and for your continued support for our group.

Amendment to the Data Protection – Fair Processing Notice

6. Who else will have access to the data we process?
The Group is subscribed to Online Scout Manager (OSM), which holds all member data in a secure, online database. Data held here is available to The Scout Association (TSA) in a new partnership for the purpose of keeping our members safe and to grow the movement. See Paragraph 6a.

6a. OSM and TSA Partnership Agreement
The Scout Association (TSA) are now able to read non-sensitive, anonymised data (such as gender, years in Scouting, age in years and section within Scouting). TSA use this data to gain greater insight and a visual understanding on how the movement operates at national level, enabling tailored support and focus on weaker areas.

In critical situations only, vetted members of TSA UK Safeguarding Team can now retrieve contact information stored on OSM. This is an additional safeguarding measurement for our young people and any access to this information is audited and reviewed.

A major data export from OSM to TSA is not possible under existing GDPR constraints and emergency data omits non-essential data (such as religion, dietary requirements etc.).


Annual General Meeting of the 1st Fressingfield Scout Council:

On the 30th July 2020, we held the AGM of the 1st Fressingfield Scout Council, this is the body that every member, youth and leader and every parent belongs to. One of its key purposes is to appoint a committee of Trustees, known as the Executive Committee to support the Group Scout Leader to safely operate the Scout Group. At the AGM the following were confirmed for 2020/2021:

Executive Chairman: Dawn Carman-Jones
Executive Treasurer: John Coop
Executive Secretary: Angie Ellis
Group Scout Leader: Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne
Assistant GSL: Peter Smith
Assistant GSL: Michael Knight
Network Representative: Ciarán Carr
Youth Rep (Explorer): Poric Neikirk
Youth Rep (Explorer): Nathan Hunt
Y&P School Representative: Gail Jerman
Beaver Colonies: Alex Dinsdale
Wolf Cub Pack: Karine Last
Tiger Cub Pack: Emma Petty
Adventure Scout Troop: Robin Chew
Pioneer Scout Troop: Katie Phillips
Explorer Scout Unit: (Vacancy – if you are interested see Andrew)
Associate Members: Sue Webster, Clive Mobbs


Covid-19 secure scouting:

With the pandemic we have had to change the way we scout to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible. Lots of information can be found here:


Locally we have bought almost £200 of additional cleaning equipment, handwashing provision, first aid kit and PPE. We also comply with a strict risk assessment and approval system. All members MUST ensure that they are free from any C-19 symptoms before joining a face-to-face event, attend an event with personal PPE, first aid kit, snacks and a drink. We operate a track and trace system and social distancing rules while at scouts.

Awards Evening with Tim Kidd, UK Scout Commissioner:

On Friday the 28th August, we will be holding our annual Open Evening where we make our presentations to recognise the achievements of the young people and leaders within the Group. We are delighted that Tim Kidd the UK Scout Commissioner will be with us for the evening between 6-7pm. The meeting will be via Zoom and we hope that you will join us to find out who will be awarded 1st Fressingfield ‘Scouts’ of the Year. To listen to Tim’s introduction and more details can be found at:

Tree Council – Branching Out Grant:

I am delighted to report that we have secured a further £675 grant towards environmental enhancements on our new HQ site off Priory Road. The £675 grant will provide us with additional hedging plants for the site perimeter and also a selection of dwarf stock fruit trees to create a small orchard on the site.

The saplings and trees will be planted during ‘National Tree Week’ 28th November – 6th December. We intend for the orchard to be used by the young people in years to come, picking, cooking and eating fresh fruit straight from the trees.

We are still collecting:

We are still operating our clothing and crisp bag collection schemes, please contact a leader if you have either to contribute. Thank you.

Norfolk Box-Jam weekend

Don’t forget the Norfolk Virtual Jamboree this weekend.
The link is at www.box-jam.co.uk There are loads of activities available all weekend. You need to register individually.

Please let your Section Leader know if your Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer is attending.

2020/2021 Dates for your diary:

[Please note that all dates are provisional and are subject to Government and Scout Association restrictions that may be in force at the time].

24/08: 6:30-8pm: Adventurers photography day at Dunwich (tbc)
28/08: 9-4: Explorers Activity Day
28/08: 6-7pm: 1st Fressingfield Awards Evening
05/09: [day] Pioneers hike challenge (tbc)
17/09: 7-9pm: Executive Committee meeting
08/11: 1030- Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service (tbc)
28/11-6/12: National Tree week – planting at HQ (details to follow)

19-21/02: Leadership Development Weekend (tbc)
28-30/05: Group Camp (tbc)
24-31/07: Summer Senior Sections Camp (tbc)

Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls