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Risk Assessments Hub

This page is intended to ease the process of completing risk assessments, whether for camps or day-to-day section sessions.

Further Reading and Guidance

Risk Assessments

Below are all of the Risk Assessment Guidance documents. Those which are red are currently being developed but will be coming soon.

Related Documents

Version History

The details of all risk assessments can be found below, including the author’s initials as well as the last update date.

Code Risk Assessment Author Version Date Notes
ABRA001 Abseiling AAD v0.0.0 TBC
ARRA001 Archery CCl v1.0.0 February 2022
ADRA001 Arrival/Departure to HQ NC v1.0.0 July 2021
ACRA001 Art & Craft / Activity Room TH v1.0.0 July 2021
ASRA001 Axe and Saw MK v1.0.0 June 2021
AXRA001 Axe Throwing AAD/CM v1.0.0 August 2021
FSGRA001 Blank AAD v1.0.0 June 2021
CRA001 Camping Field / Tents MK v1.0.0 February 2022
CLRA001 Climbing AAD v0.0.0 TBC
CORA001 Coastal Locations AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
C19RA001 Covid-19 / Bio-Security AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
CYRA001 Cycling MK v1.0.0 February 2022
DRA001 Digital and Online CCa v2.0.0 January 2023 Jan ’23 – Updated to include new devices acquired (laptops, tablets, WiFi and printer)
DORA001 Down Time AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
ERA001 Exchange Visit (International) AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
FVRA001 Farm Visits AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
FERA001 Fencing CCl v1.0.0 February 2022
FIRA001 Fires MK v1.0.0 June 2021
FARA001 First Aid AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
GIRA001 Games (Indoors) TH v1.0.0 July 2021
GORA001 Games (Outdoors) TH v1.0.0 July 2021
GRA001 Generic AAD v1.0.0 June 2021
HRA001 Hikes/Walks (Indirect Supervised) AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
HQRA001 Headquarters Risk Assessment AAD v1.0.0 November 2021
KARA001 Kayak/Canoe MK v1.0.0 February 2022
KIRA001 Kitchen/Cooking AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
LPRA001 Litter Picking MK v1.0.0 June 2021
MARA001 Marquee MK v1.0.0 January 2022
MERA001 Medical Room AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
MIRA001 Minibus AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
OBRA001 Obstacle Course TH v1.0.0 July 2021
PKRA001 Pen Knives MK v1.0.0 June 2021
PIRA001 Pioneering MK v1.0.0 June 2021
RERA001 Remote Expeditions/Wild Country AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
RARA001 Residential Accommodation AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
SHRA001 Shooting MK v1.0.0 June 2021
SKRA001 Ski Trips AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
SFRA001 Stoves and Fuel MK v1.0.0 June 2021
SWRA001 Swimming AAD v1.0.0 February 2022
TORA001 Tour Operator/External Provider AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
TPRA001 Travel Phase AAD v1.0.0 August 2021
WARA001 Water Activites MK v1.0.0 February 2022
WIRA001 Wildlife Area/Pond Dipping AAD v1.0.0 August 2021

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1stFSG Meeting Agenda

All meetings were held online due to the Covid-19 measures in place at the time.

4th May 2021, 17:00
1. Review where we are.
2. Agree RA template.
3. List activity risk assessments required.
4. Allocate to an author (not necessarily one of us)
5. List HQ risk assessments required.
6. Allocate to an author
7. Agree storage and distribution methodology
8. Agree review and refine mechanism.
9. Consider FSG specific leader training.

3rd June 2021, 09:00
1. Review where we are.
2. Finalise initial list of risk assessments.
3. Finalise author allocations
4. Set deadline for completion (16th July 2021)
5. Agree next RA meeting/review (6th July 2021, 17:30)

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