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Building on Community Foundations Appeal

Sponsor a meter square from £50…

Add your name to our sponsor list by submitting a minimum donation of £50.
Donations will be used to fund the foundations for our new headquarters.

To sponsor a square meter,
Please complete the following form: Built on Community Foundations Appeal or express your interest by emailing the GSL at: andrew.aaldersdunthorne@talk21.com

Current total: £2150.00


Square 1: Anonymous
Square 2: Ciarán Carr
Square 3: Mr and Mrs Brawn
Square 4: Roger and Mary Cufley
Square 5: Paul Woodward
Square 6: Joan Rudman
Square 7: Joan Rudman
Square 8: John and Valerie Speight
Square 9: Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne
Square 10: Donna Aalders-Dunthorne
Square 11: Last Solutions Ltd
Square 12: Paul and Karen Slade
Square 13: Janet Rusted
Square 14: Peter Twiss
Square 15: Fressingfield & District Royal British Legion
Square 16: Fressingfield & District Royal British Legion
Square 17: Tom Morris
Square 18: Sam Morris
Square 19: Heather Futter
Square 20: Buet Family (Serena, Beatrice, ‘One Day Soon’ Oliver)
Square 21: David J Hyde
Square 22: David J Hyde
Square 23: Hoxne Parish Council
Square 24: Hoxne Parish Council
Square 25: Hoxne Parish Council
Square 26: Hoxne Parish Council
Square 27: Tom and Ruth Earl
Square 28: The Remblance Family
Square 29: Revd Canon & Mrs Andrew Vessey
Square 30: Nick and Kay Taylor
Square 31: Don and Rosemary Savage
Square 32: Don and Rosemary Savage
Square 33: Brundish Village
Square 34: Michael Knights
Square 35: Sharon Knights
Square 36: Fressingfield Royal British Legion
Square 37: Fressingfield Royal British Legion
Square 38: Helen Clarke & Elizabeth Mooney
Square 39: Hoxne Benefice
Square 40: Anonymous
Square 41: Fressingfield Oily Rag Club
Square 42: Graham Allison
Square 43: Sharon Hales
Square 44:
Square 45:
Square 46:
Square 47:
Square 48:
Square 49:
Square 50:
Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls