Our Hall

The proposed development of approx. 4 acres is bounded by: Priory Road, New Street, Priory Crescent and the Public Footpath from New Street/Carpenters Yard.

Our Hall…

Situated at the end of Priory Road, the proposed development of approx. 4 acres is bounded by: Priory Road, New Street, Priory Crescent and the Public Footpath from New Street/Carpenters Yard to the end of Priory Road near to Weybread Woodcraft.

The 4 acres, presently grass pasture, is the property of Mr and Mrs George Barrett.

The proposed development is for approx. 25 houses, including affordable / social housing, on 3 acres and for approx. 0.8 acre to be gifted absolutely to 1st Fressingfield Scout Group to use as a scouting activity area and on which to build a single storey log construction building 25 m long 10 m wide, the building designed for purpose as a new Scout HQ and for indoor activities and storage.

A new road will service all traffic from new houses, Weybread Woodcraft and Scouts. Bollards will restrict vehicular access to Priory Road, allowing access only to cyclists and pedestrians.

Impact of Housing on Environment

Houses and roads invariably change the environment. However, this proposed development offers several compensatory elements that will enhance the area:

  • 25% of the land proposed for this development will remain in grass, with existing trees preserved.
  • Extensive planting of trees and hedging will screen views of Weybread Woodcraft and the Scout HQ.
  • The new plantings will add to biodiversity in the wider area, offering nesting sites for birds & bats.
  • Scouts will make and erect nest boxes for birds.
  • A small existing pond will be cleaned and should provide aquatic habitat and site for pond-dipping
  • Wild flowers & grasses will be established in places and be managed as wild flower meadow.
  • The existing Public Footpath will remain for access between New Street and Priory Road.

In all these ways the proposed Scout activity area will greatly increase the richness of the habitat in the wider area, enhancing environment for neighbouring residents including in Priory Road, Priory Crescent, Carpenter’s Yard and the proposed new houses.

Forging a Future

1ST Fressingfield Scouts, at the close of their first century, look forward to the next. But to continue, Fressingfield Scout Group urgently needs a new Scout HQ and new facilities. See New Scout HQ—Why?

The site for a new Scout HQ and outdoor activity area at Red House Farm offers ideal position and facilities:

  • Central to the village & accessible by bike & on foot
  • At end no through: road no traffic, so greater safety
  • Ample parking without compromising neighbours
  • Planting trees/shrubs will make great environment for nature studies (to be shared with local schools).

Fressingfield Scouts

Scouting has a long and proud history in and around Fressingfield, and today the Scout Group includes boys and girls in Beavers from 6 years old, to Cubs, Scouts and Explorers at 17 to 18 years. Many Explorers stay on as adult Leaders.

Founded 1920, 1st Fressingfield numbered just under 20 Scouts and three regular adult leaders eight years ago. Today the Group has grown to almost 140 Scouts (boys and girls) and some 20 adult Leaders (male and female).

Scouts and Leaders come from many villages, introducing young people to new interests, activities and good codes of behaviour that are embodied in Scouting. In rural areas (where there are few other activities for youngsters) Scouting offers, new experiences, new skills, fellowship…and fun.

Growth in the Group’s numbers is proof of the demand, for Scouting, and family and friends see the enthusiasm shown by Scouting youngsters whom they know.

A start in Scouting can bring many benefits to young adults at a critical stage of their lives: self-confidence, smartness, community service and trust in friends.

New Scout HQ—Why?

Present HQ—Goodwin Hall—no longer fit-for-purpose:

  • No toilets except single WC in Methodist Chapel
  • No water supply except single tap in Chapel WC
  • No proper access for wheelchairs and disabled
  • Windows lack safety glass & some don’t open/close
  • Roof requires costly repairs or replacement
  • Building shows subsidence in one corner
  • Parking compromises traffic on New Street
  • Growth of Scout Group requires more space.

Sites Sought For New Scout HQ

  • Six local landowners approached for land gift or sale
  • Only one landowner offered gift of land for new HQ
  • Fressingfield Parish Council offered site for a new Scout building at S&S.C. playing field, but football & other activities would compromise Scouting activities.
  • Withersdale Street Multi Activity Games Area offers site for new Scout HQ but extra distance for majority of Scouts to travel and lack of security pose problems.
  • Old Stables next Fox & Goose offered for conversion by Fressingfield Parochial Church Council, but cost of conversion, lack of outdoor activity space and difficult access and parking for cars make this no-go.
  • Fressingfield School asked for space to build new HQ next playingfield so that Scouts could use playingfield for outdoor activities, as they do now from Goodwin Hall. Request refused because School needs this land.
  • Goodwin Hall Trust asked to sell or give Hall to Scouts for demolition and rebuild. Request rejected. If this offer was accepted, investment in new HQ would be compromised by any future development of Methodist Chapel and car park–no access New Street.

Scouts From Where?

1st Fressingfield Scout Group is proud to include members from a wide area in North Suffolk:

  • 58 (37%) from Fressingfield
  • 41 (26%) from Hoxne
  • 23 (15%) from Stradbroke
  • 9 ( 6%) from Eye
  • 8 (5%) from Wilby
  • 5 (3%) from Laxfield
  • 2 (1%) from Harleston
  • 9 (6%) from various others.

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