This month a report on the recent trip to Kenya by one of our Explorer Scouts.

Over the Easter holidays this year myself and 8 other explorers, plus our leaders Andrew and Donna, travelled to Kenya for just over two weeks. We are all part of 1st Fressingfield Scout group and are all aged between 16-18.

If you asked each member how they would describe the trip, you’d get responses of “amazing”, “beautiful scenery” or most likely “hot”. These responses would be describing the “touristy” activities we did. However, phrases like “life changing and a real eye open” are also in the mix. These opinions come from all the things we did and experienced outside of what you would do on a family holiday to Kenya.

You don’t usually describe seeing a giraffe at the Masai Mara as a life changing experience, although enjoyable, it was visiting the Kibera slums, staying (for the majority of our expedition) at an orphanage and interacting with the children that made our trip so fulfilling and changing for all of us in a positive way.

The views at lake Naivasha were breathtaking but working on the farm with no machinery, pulling a loaded cart six kilometers in 30°C, is what changed so many of our views on how lucky we are to live the lives we do here back in England.

We are all hoping to travel back in the near future; not to a hotel or to visit other attractions, but to stay at the orphanage for a week or so to see all the friends we made over there.

It truly was an experience that everyone involved will remember for the rest of their lives.