First this month an update on the new site.

Several hundred tree saplings have been planted around the site along with bluebells and other native flowers along the tree line on Priory Lane. We also have wild meadow grass seeds to sow around the edges of the field soon.

Big Community Lottery have recently confirmed that we have been successful in a grant bid to install a trim-trail of climbing equipment, this will be situated at the top left hand side of the field along the fence line. The installation dates are the 5-7th March between 8am and 4pm.  The contractors have been asked to keep all materials and vans within the Scout compound. 

We will be holding another family action day on the site between 9 and 4pm on Saturday 23rd March – where we will be doing some more work in the pond area and the outdoor chapel altar amongst other things.

Our actual construction of the building part of the project is taking much longer than we had hoped so there is no further news on that at the moment. 

Fundraising activities continue with our Commonwealth Day Fireworks Display and Funfair on 9th March. This year we are grateful to have the use of Fressingfield School and the adjacent Development site. There will be a Barbecue and Bar. Thank you to the Head and Governors and to the land owner. Gates open at 6pm, please look out for our posters for details. Tickets available from Fressingfield Shop and Leaders.

Also the Scout Group is an official point for the collection of empty crisp packets for recycling. The bags will be processed into other plastic objects so please pack them in a carrier bag, tie it securely and either hand it to a member, bring it along on a meeting evening or leave it at the Goodwin Hall in the marked dustbin. We will be paid per kilo that we forward so please help us to fund raise and the area to recycle a bit more plastic.