Written by: Michael Knights AGSL

This month our small piece comprises of a thank you, a request and an invitation.

Thank you: to Adnams Trust for providing us with a £750 grant for environmental and wildlife enhancement works on the new HQ site. Planning has already started.

Request to someone with a digger: We are seeking someone with a mini digger to assist with some minor landscaping work at our new HQ site; to dig out the pond area, level an existing pile of dirt and create a small amphitheatre circular mound for our reflective space. If anyone can help during the summer holiday period we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email Skip at andrew.aaldersdunthorne@talk21.com

Invitation to the Village: Open Evening: SAVE THE DATE, as usual we will be holding our end of the year celebration of Scouting with our Awards and Open Evening on Friday 20th July, 7-9pm. There will be lots to do, activities, games and refreshments on sale including a BBQ, Pimms and beer! (details to follow). Young people and leaders will be rewarded and recognised for their service this year