To mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of the Great War, the Wolf Cubs have created 33 painted stones and hidden them around Fressingfield. Each stone represents a solider that fell during the 2 World Wars. There are 28 stones for the First World War and 5 for the Second World War. The Cubs have painted a poppy and written a soldier’s name on each stone. But where have we hidden them? Some are in easy locations and some are a bit more of a challenge. We have created a Facebook page called “Fressingfield Rocks” if you would like to see all the rocks and some clues as to where we have hidden them. If you find one, please take a photo and let us know on the Facebook page. You then have a choice, you can either leave it in the same location or move it to a new hiding place. If you move it, please give some clues on the Facebook page.

Fancy joining the fun? We are on the lookout for more leaders. Pass on your experiences, knowledge or enthusiasm to the younger generation. It’s very rewarding and we also have fun.