Written by: Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne GSL



Since I last reported back in August 2017 progress has been slow with our new and exciting development, this was due to some unforeseen technical and legal. These have now all been resolved and our solicitor has now confirmed that the land transfer to the Scout Group has now been completed.

The land approximately 0.8 acre off Priory Road is held in a Trust for and on behalf of the 1st Fressingfield Scout Group, with the sole purpose to provide scouting facilities for the locality. This project has taken a mammoth effort to get this far and we are aware of the huge challenges moving forward, but the Group and I hope that the community are now fully behind us to secure scouting in Fressingfield for the next 100 years.

Please remember that while the initial planning application was a hybrid, joint application with a housing development on the remaining 3 acres – the Scout Group has no interest or control in that development. Any questions relating to that must be directed to the landowner.

I promised to keep residents informed of our developments and I hope that this newsletter is informative. Please feel free to contact me by email at: andrew.aaldersdunthorne@talk21.com or by letter to: The Old Forge, New Street, Fressingfield, IP21 5PG.

Yours in Scouting
Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne
Group Scout Leader
1st Fressingfield Scout Group

Archaeological Survey:

A few months back an archaeological survey was completed on the site over two days with a total of 8 trenches dug. Under the direct supervision of the Suffolk Archaeological Service, trenches were examined and soil samples sifted. Only one feature was discovered, a post medieval field boundary close to Red House Farm, with nothing of significant interest this report has been supplied to the planning authority and the physical development of the site can now proceed.

Temporary access:

The whole site including the housing development will eventually be served by a new road that will emerge at New Street near to Carpenter’s Yard. This road will be installed by the housing development in due course and once in will be the sole access route not only for the houses, the Scout HQ but also Weybread Woodcraft removing all but residential traffic in Priory Road. This will be a much improved position than currently exists. As the Scout HQ is progressing before the housing development, temporary access for the scout site will be along Priory Road, we will be mindful that impact is kept to an absolute minimum and we have discussed this with local planners as a temporary solution.

Anglian Ecology – Ecological Consultancy:

1st Fressingfield Scouts are committed to being good neighbours and custodians of the natural habitat on our site, while there will of course be buildings and activity provision on the site we will balance this with habitat creation. We are delighted that the locally based (between Fressingfield and Stradbroke) and renowned Anglian Ecology has offered their advice and services (at no costs) to enable us to create and enrich the biodiversity on the site. Their website states:

“We are experienced in habitat creation and restoration, including ponds and woodlands. We can prepare management plans, which prescribe how to manage your site for the long-term benefit of wildlife and have completed many plans for residential and commercial development sites.”

Sue, will be working with us to develop the site into a haven for wildlife with additional planting, re-installing the pond and creating habitat corridors. I am very grateful for her support.

Tree and hedge work:

While it remains the dormant growing season there will be some clearance/trimming/thinning of the hedgerow and some tree maintenance work. Residents that surround the site should not be alarmed by this; the clearance particularly along the perimeter backing onto Priory Close is to enable the effective installation of the perimeter fence around the Scout HQ site. We will be planting up around the entire site in the coming months with additional native trees, hedgerow plants, fruit trees and wildflowers. Providing both the neighbouring residents and the scouts privacy and screening using plants to create a natural outlook, once the initial clearance has been completed and the fence installed a planting plan will be drawn up and shared.


One of the key reasons why our existing site is inadequate is that the safeguarding and safety of children isn’t as good as it should be. The new site off Priory road will be an enclosed space where our scouts can participate in the range of activities in the knowledge that they are safe. The increased security will also prevent the damage, theft or unauthorised access to scout equipment.

Clarke Fencing of Stowmarket will be installing fencing around the scout site within the next month, I have briefed the contractors on the importance of good community relations and they will be as unobtrusive as possible. The fencing design complies with both safeguarding needs and planning conditions as follows, it will be located on the boundary line as confirmed with the land registry.

To supply and erect approximately 256 meters of V-Guard mesh fencing 1.8 meters high. Posts will be concreted into position at 3 meter centres. The finish will be galvanised and then powder coated green in colour as attached picture.

To supply and erect a pair of gates 1.8 meters per leaf making a 3.6 meter opening overall. Posts concreted into position and gates to be in the same style as the fencing. Finish will be galvanised and then powder coated green in colour.

The fencing is designed to blend into the environment and with the native planting scheme will almost be invisible while maintaining the security required.

Drainage and water consultants:

Claret’s of Hoxne are currently evaluating the options open to us for connection to these services as of yet we have no confirmed plans to communicate with you at this time.

Preferred contractor selected:

In line with the planning consent the main HQ building will be of a wooden construction, and we have selected The New Forest Log Cabin Company as our preferred contractor at this stage. You can view their website by following the link below this will give you an idea of what the building may look like:


Other activities on site:

While we continue with our significant fundraising efforts we will be slowly developing some of soft and hard landscaping as monies become available to us. So over the next year we will be installing facilities like a camp fire circle, St George’s outdoor Chapel, signage, play equipment/trim trail and other static equipment that support scouting activities.

Groups of young people from the scout group, along with leaders and family members will be volunteering on the site from time to time; to maintain facilities, ensure that the drainage ditch along Priory Road is clear and tend to the planting.

There may be at some point be a temporary storage unit placed on the site, to keep some equipment and materials. This is likely to be located towards the Weybread Woodcraft end of the site.