1st Fressingfield Scout Group has received written confirmation from our solicitors that the Land Transfer has been confirmed. We are now the proud owners of just under an acre of land off Priory Road.

The hard work now begins – we have sufficient funds to install the security fence and gates around the site, with a little to spare. But we now need to pull together as a team to get this job done! We need the effort, expertise and contacts of each and everyone of you.

We already have an ecologist that is producing our biodiversity plans – and donating her time and expertise. Our architect will finalise the building layout with the GSL on February 19th.

We have a drainage engineer and a tree surgeon on site soon and the GSL will be travelling down to the New Forest to discuss the price and construction times of the main building. A team will soon meet to write the application for the large grant funding and in the meantime we need to raise a further £20-£30K through fundraising and project by project small grants.

Obviously we have expertise in the Group so if anyone is able to offer free/at cost expertise/work/materials we would be delighted to receive it. A timeline and action plan will soon follow.

We are seeking preferably volunteers but contractors also welcome to help carry out some of the initial landscaping. These include:
1. Supplier of tree saplings, shrubs, native fruit trees and hedging.
2. Digger and someone with experience to create / reinstate a pond on the site.
3. Mowing of the field to create a flatter surface overall.

Thanks for all you do for our Group, we have a great future ahead of us.